Amethyst Hotel breakfast saloon of 120 people is prepared for our valued guests every morning with the freshest products combining Turkish cuisine and international dishes.

Amethyst Hotel Breakfast
  • Rich breakfast buffet from 07:00 to 10:00
  • Types of traditional and international cheese
  • Types of olive
    Olive black, olive black sliced, olive green pepper, olive green scratch
  • Delicatessen
    Salami turkey, ham chicken, ham chicken, ham veal, ham veal
  • Large variety of jams
    Jam rose, jam orange, jam blackberry, jam apricot, jam cherry, honey filter, tahini, molasses
  • Yogurt types
    Plain yogurt, fruit yogurt stewed compote with cherry, compote with pear, compote with peach
  • Hot dishes (6 types per day)
    Boiled egg, scrambled egg, omelet, onion ring, potato croquette, spinach gratin, sausage, pies, mushroom sliced, pepper charleston, pancake, steamed vegetables, french freis, french toast
  • Bread and patisseries
    Toast bread, brown toast bread, normal bread, wholemeal breat, baton breadn, flower bread, muffin (mini cake), cake, donut, croissant, types of bagels
  • Tea, coffee, milk, juices
  • Cereals
    Corn flakes, fruit muesli, oatmeal, cocoa pops
  • Dried fruit and dried nuts
    Date, dry prune, dried apricots, raisins, dried figs, roasted pepper capya, chickpeas, nuts
  • Local products
  • Salad Bar
    Lemon, parsley, arugula, lolorosso, cucumber, tomato, tomato cocktail
  • Packed products
    Honey, hazelnut cream, butter
  • Fruit types
    Season fruits
  • Dessert varieties
  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish delight with hazelnut, turkish delight